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You’re One Skill Away from Your First Million
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You’re One Skill Away from Your First Million

 Think about that for a moment.

 All of us have bought into the lie that our parents and grandparents bought into.

 Go to school; get a good education; so you can get a good job.

 Let me tell you something, there is no such thing as a good job.

 If you don’t believe me, try not going to work for a few days and see what happens to your good job.

 There are three things that will determine the amount of income you can earn:

 1. The number of people who are capable of performing your job – the more people that can do your job, the less you will be paid

 2. The need for a specialized skill or education to perform your job – needing a specialized skill to perform your job increases
    the amount of money you will be paid to perform

 3. The number of people that benefit from you work – the more people that benefit from your work the more money you can make

 The problem with a job is that it only provides linear income.

 Linear income is earned for the work that you perform. If you don’t have sick leave or vacation and take time away from work, you don’t get paid.

 Anyone that has a job, anyone that is self employed or an independent contractor earns linear income.

 With linear income there is no leverage. Leverage is what separates the poor and working poor from the rich and super rich.

 If you have a job, you’re being leveraged. Your employer is leveraging your time and efforts to increase his or her profits.

 In exchange for your time and efforts, you earn a salary.

 Has your education provided you with a skill that will help you generate a seven figure income in the next 2-3 years?

 Most people would be thrilled to answer yes to the above question, but the reality of it for most people is that their education would
 take them 5 to 10 times longer to generate a seven figure income.

 If your current education does not provide you with the skills that are needed to generate a seven figure income in the
 next 2-3 years, what do you do?

 You have to educate yourself and learn a skill that will help you generate a seven figure income in the next 2-3 years.

 There is a quicker way to a 7-figure Income!

 It involves you putting yourself in a situation where you can leverage the time and efforts of others.

 The quickest way to a 7-figure income is to join our Dream Team and let us help you build your own Dream Team.

 Using our 5 Step Process, our 12 Week Plan, and the training and tools that we will provide you; you can be on your way to your first million.

 Not MLM
 No Monthly Auto-ship
 No monthly fees
 No annual fees
 You determine where you start and how much you make

 Start your journey toward financial freedom today by clicking the link below and becoming a member of our Dream Team!

Steve Dobson
Marketing Dream Team


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