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Robert Kiyosaki say forget about Living Below Your Means - Call 704-307-4717 getpaidtoadvertise.tk

Do you want your spirit to grow or wither away? Well, if you are choosing to live below your means then that is what you are doing to your spirit. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.



Robert Kiyosaki points out that in order to live above one's means you have to have assets. You don't want to just spend your money on liabilities. That's what most people do when they are living beyond their means. You want to learn how to Live ABOVE YOUR Means.



So how do we do that and not go bankrupt? We have to increase our financial IQ's to allow us to understand how currency works. What Assets are. What Liabilities are. One misconception is that of a house being an asset.



It is an asset to you the bank, but it is a liability to you, unless it is generating income. The other thing you want to consider that car purchase. When Roberts wants to buy a Porsche, his wife says "You can buy your car, but what asset are you going to use to pay for it."



That is a whole other plane of living. This is how we should look at our business. When we recruit what are we doing? We aren't just giving a person the opportunity to improve there lifestyle. We are also gaining a new income producing asset that will constant bring us returns if we invest our time and energies to make sure that they are successful and productive.



The other thing you can do is you can buy systems that generate income. Here is a webinar that will tell you more about one of those system based assets. The website is http://getpaidtoadvertise.tk


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