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This Is The #1 Thing To Ensure Your Solo Ad Transactions Will Be Handled Well...
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Have you ever gone to a solo ad network, and bought some clicks from a provider? It can be pretty terrifying handing your money over for a new order without knowing for sure whether you're going to get a good deal or not.

Or, if you're a provider yourself, have you ever had a buyer complain about quality clicks your provided, and then try to get their money back? There's few things in the Solo Ad industry which are more frustrating.

Depending on what advertising network you were dealing with, this could've gone either way. You may have had to just pay for low quality or useless clicks, and cut your losses, or, you may have had to offer a refund for good clicks which you provided by loaning out your list.

Some buyers simply buy good clicks and assume they're low quality because they don't get too many conversions... and they don't get many conversions due to poor market, unwanted products, poor landing page design, bad Copy, etc. Sometimes, it's just not the sellers fault.

Personally, I was really hoping a site would come along to finally solve this problem once and for all, and I'm pleased to announce that one has finally done it. As you know, I've talked a lot about Udimi, and there's many reasons for it.

Here's just one:

Udimi has finally solved this issue, by implementing a reliable escrow system.

Basically, instead of buyers putting their money into the hands of sellers, they allow Udimi to hold it in escrow. After the seller has delivered the proper amount of clicks, and of the proper quality (remember, Udimi has the best click fraud detection system in the business) the funds will be released to the seller automatically.

This ensures that you're getting the safest buying or selling experience possible from a Solo Ad Network, and you never have to worry about losing money unfairly, regardless of whether you're buying or selling.

Again, signing up to Udimi is absolutely free, (for the time being) so click here and sign up now!



Leo Laurent Sr.


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