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Product Review "How To Make $10K In A Weekend" by Rachel Rofe and Jaime Mintun

I got a copy of this product after getting a recommendation
from Donna Fox on Twitter.  It turned out to be a great

I then mentioned it on Twitter to... recommending it to my
followeres. One old friend "direct messaged" me asking if I
"really" thought the product was THAT good.

When I get a question phrased like that, it's really saying,
I value you friendship, and hope that you wouldn't burn a

I told him to get the product because I know that he plans
on using it to put together local workshops, and I have
no doubt that it will add hundreds of thousands of dollars
to his bottom line... this year.

My friend in very proactive though.

The product is EVERYTHING that you need to host local seminar
where you teach offline businesses ecommerce and then upsell
them to your services.

You get everything from a system for hiring outside sales
people to fill the seats for you, (complete with sample ads &
script for them to use) to Powerpoint  slides and a script that
you can use for hosting a  2-day seminars... or give to someone
else to conduct the seminar for you.

You are told...
How to decide who to target.
How to find a place
How to get people in the seats
How to structure your seminar for a lot of
interaction and high perceived value
How to price your event
How to process orders
How to time the presentations, breaks, meals, everything...

Literally EVERYTHING that you need to host a seminar
for offline businesses teaching them about:

- SEO & Website Optimization
- Setting up and testing a direct response website
- Following up automatically
- Common mistakes people make on websites
- How to turn their website from a billboard that just sucks
cash from their bottom line, to a results-generating dynamo

You get a lesson plan for teaching all of the things that sound
easy to a seasoned  internet marketers but sound like some
foreign language to an offline business person.

Since, after you teach most of these offline businesses "how to
ecommerce" they'll glaze over and want you to do it for them,
you  are also told how to do that... outsourcing all of the work
if you  want to.

You are given lots of extras that you can give your seminar
attendees as bonuses... or sell to them.

After going through this package, I couldn't really think of
anything missing. You are literally handed the slides, a script
to go with them, and supplemental material. All you need to do
is READ the script, or get someone else to do it for you.

My recommendation...

If you have any interest at all in host seminars for offline
businesses, or even for internet marketers, you need this

I fills in so many of the gaps.

Get it here:  http://TheRealSecrets.com/10KInAWeekend/



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