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Success and It's Standards

Success and It's Standards 

Look for these things and consider them well as you walk your road to success:

Know that Failure is Just an Event.

We talked about this at length previously, but it bears repeating. If
you fail, it doesn’t define you—it just puts you back at ‘square one’
with your idea and plan.

Consider Your Responsibilities Before Your Rights.

Our American culture drums it in to us that we must “have it now,”
and many of us comply. You are successful when you are mature enough to
delay gratification and move your focus from your “rights” to your

Fill Up on Faith, Hope, & Love.

Your outlook determines your output, and your output determines your
outcome. Choose to be optimistic, to read uplifting books, to listen to
inspirational speakers. When you put faith, hope, and love in your mind
and heart, you’re able to overcome adversity and live free from anger,
greed, guilt, and envy.

Make Friends with Your Past—and then Look Ahead.

You can use your past as a stepping stone to your future or you can
let it cripple you. Either way, it’s your choice. When you can make
friends with your past, be focused on the present, and have a bright
opinion of your future, you have succeeded, no matter what your goal is.

Know that Success Doesn’t Make You.

Along with the idea above, understanding that a win doesn’t make you
and a loss doesn’t break you. If you win, you’ll still have more wins to
make before you “arrive,” and if you lose, you’ll have more
opportunities to turn that around in the future.

Stand up for Morality.

If you take a stand for what is right, even if it’s unpopular or
costs you your job, you are successful. There is no disputing this fact.

Be a “Servant Friend.”

Success isn’t defined by how many people wait on your every whim or
need; it’s defined by how many people you can help or serve while you
achieve your goals. If you can help others as you climb, you’ll learn
more and climb quicker. A servant’s heart is the true hallmark of a
leader and shows the character of the person in the position of

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