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Good morning.  Working from home must be the dream for many people in all sorts of circumstances. For me it is now simply a response to the effects the GFC had on our retirement funding. It wasn't always so, and I wish I had known about ways of earning additional income from home successfully in the past when I was younger.

When our first child was born my wife gave up her position as nurse and became a full time mum. Over the years we had another 9 children, so you will understand that when I say she never worked again I mean only in a paid capacity J. We always were, and still are, happy and thankful for our family. At the same time living on a single wage was at times very difficult and stressful. Having a supplementary income through a home business where we could be with our family while working would have been very welcome indeed.

I can think of a great many instances where the same would be true for many people today. The only difference is that today the computer and the internet has opened up an unprecedented range of possibilities. I am convinced that among them there must be at least one which would work successfully for you, whatever your situation, abilities, and budget. It's just a matter of making your choice, and then working it consistently, ignoring the many other opportunities which leap out at you every time you open your email, threatening to distract you from your chosen path.

I truly wish you success in finding the one for you, and in working it so it becomes your personal success story by providing you with financial stability in the friendly and supportive atmosphere of your home and family.


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