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[DB]Why is your website not being seen?

Maybe it's because you haven't told anybody that it is there.
This may surprise you but the search engines, web blog
sites, and ping sites don't know you are there unless you
tell them.


You can increase your websites popularity and rank by just
communicating better. Well how do you do that …

It is my recommendation that you use KulePing to fully
automate this communication effort. It is a real set it and
forget it marketing system!

KulePing is a submission site that reaches over 100 web
blog or ping sites. It was especially designed to maximize
your website exposure. We ping all of the sites the others
do and then some.

What is a ping?


A ping tells the search engines or blogs that you just
submitted some important information. It tells these
sites …

* Where your website is.
* That new content is available.
* That you want them to crawl your site and index it.
* That it is something that will interest their users.

This means your website or blog gets indexed faster. It
can move up the rankings faster, and you get more highly
targeted traffic, and potentially more sales.

Now isn't it obvious why you need KulePing? Click
below and try it out for yourself. Your first ping is on



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