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SFLF Managerial Advancement Training Program


Are you looking for a career in Management?

Do you want to develop your skills as a leader?

Do you want to command a team of people?


Then our program may be right for you. We provide over 14 hours of hands on training. You get to learn in a real world environment and gain valuable experience.


Build management skills in accounting, negotiation, marketing, and product development through SFLF Managerial Advancement Training Program. Whether you’re right out of school or looking for something more out of your career, the SFLF Managerial Advancement Training Program will put you in a position to succeed immediately. You’ll learn how to run a million-dollar business, maximize profits and motivate a team of professionals, while having fun along the way.

Right out of school?

Take your first step to success. You’ll quickly learn that we hired you to eventually run your own business. And you’ll have the opportunity to work with people as motivated and driven as you. You’ll bring your degree to the table, and we’ll help you make crucial business decisions in no time.

Have some experience already?

We promote based on performance, not seniority. So if you’re looking to move quickly, our Management Training Program is for you. We’ll take your existing knowledge and your drive to succeed, and supplement it with training that will help you climb to the top.

Where leaders learn to lead.

We start with orientation and classroom training. After you’re assigned to a local branch office, your hands-on training begins. You'll work with and learn from capable mentors who were once in your shoes. Does it work? Absolutely.This course is recommended for:

High School Graduates

College Students


People Looking for a Career Change

Mid-level managers

Agency back-office personnel

Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

Distinguish a manager's roles and responsibilities within various organizations

Motivate and inspire your employees

Develop your negotiating skills

In our program our participants:

  1. Gain insights into how to be an effective, successful leader in today's changing environment

  2. Gain insights into how to be an effective, successful leader in today's changing environment

  3. Develop expertise in the areas of management, marketing, and entrepreneurship

  4. Receive exposure to numerous methods that businesses use to create competitive advantage in their marketplace

  5. Be provided with the ability to hire and receive overrides from a dedicated team

  6. Learn effective marketing techniques to help your team grow and prosper


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