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HBB ACADEMY Rod Stinson This Could Be Your Number 317-819-6555
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HBB ACADEMY Rod Stinson All You Do Is Advertise Phone # Making $3,500 Weekly Autopilot


HBB ACADEMY Rod Stinson This Could Be Your Number 317-819-6555


Calling all Real Estate, Insurance, Travel Agents, Car Sales, Mobile Phone Sales, and other sales professionals, or those who have a JOB

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HBB ACADEMY Rod Stinson   HBB ACADEMY Rod Stinson   HBB ACADEMY Rod Stinson

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Ulysses Dadon is a professional Business Building Coach. My goal in the next 90 days is to have you positioned to make $100,000 this time next in your business by offering FREE training and places to advertise.

I would have posted earlier about the HBB Academy launch however it’s been a little crazy my way in a good way. :-)


At the end of the day I know YOU need to make up your own mind about what ‘the truth’ is regarding the HBB Academy so I thought I’d take the time to share what I feel ‘the truth’ means to me.


I’m sure Rod won’t mind me mentioning that a few months ago while we were chatting on the phone he shared part of his idea for the HBB Academy with me.


My original Family IQ Sponsor quit back in March 2010 so I ‘rolled up’ to him, and as we chatted it turned out Rod has seen my name online for many years just like I had seen his.


In fact I first heard of Rod back in 2006 when I first joined his 1 Step System just before he took his break from the Home-Based Industry so what he says on ALL of his Webinar’s about his past experiences is 100% true.


As we chatted abit about our past experiences in the Home-Based Industry we discovered that we had many things in common in regards to what we believe it truly takes to achieve a 6 Figure income in the Home-Based Industry.


And what it takes has ZERO to do with all the hype about how you can make a million by pressing a button and only investing $37!

If you have been able to make one of Rod’s HBB Academy Live Webinars this week were you able to handle ‘the truth’?

The reason why I ask is because I know what Rod has to say about ‘the truth’ can be tough for some people in our Industry to listen to, let alone accept.


It would also be perfectly normal to think, that is all very well and good for him, but is what he saying really at all possible for others?

I can’t speak for you, however I have personally experienced the result of ‘the truth’.

To me what Rod says is the truth!


And I admire his courage, and also vision, to be willing to share the truth of what it really takes to create a 6-figure income within the home-based industry.


Yes his courage, as it takes real bravery to stand up and say what you really feel…hmmm that is a whole OTHER post. :-)

I feel so strongly about sharing the ‘truth’ and backing up what Rod is saying I’m about to do what I have NEVER done before.

NOT in 11 years have I ever done this and I could have done this way before but it’s just not me.


If you don’t know me here’s a bit of background so what is to come will make sense for you.


When I first got started in the Home-Based Industry it was back in August 2001 (yes just before September 11!) and yes that photo above there is the very first photo I used when I first got online so I think it’s kind of fitting to put it on this post.


Back in 2001 I was living in a small two bed room unit in Newport in Melbourne.


Here is a picture of it now for you:-



Unit In Newport!


Back in those days I had also lost my job due to a serious back injury where I damaged all of my lower discs so after a full year of hell found myself without a job living on Sickness Benefits.


To say it was a difficult time in my life does not even come close to the dispair I felt at the time.


Until I finally  ‘took back control of my life’ and started my first home business with what was at the time a 20 year old, ‘old school’ Network Marketing Company.


BECAUSE of ‘the truth’ as Rod reveals on his HBBA Live Webinar I went from living on Sickness Benefits to earning way over Six Figures a year within my first 4 years! 


I ran that business from a mattress on the floor using a laptop on the phone (much like how I am now) and I OWE A BIT PART OF IT thankfully to having access to the kind of real good honest ‘how to’ training Rod is giving access to people in our Home-Based Industry NOW thanks to the HBB Academy!


‘The Truth’ also took me from living in a two bed room unit to buying what was our dream home on four acres in 2006 and you can see a picture of that house right here take from one of my sites with me holding the keys at the time:-


Thank You 'The Truth!'


…and as of 2011 to living where I do now below which is thankfully with the kids growing older walking distance to Town!



Our New Home


I feel SO strongly about the honest, no hype message Rod is trying to send to people in our Home-Based Industry…


…in particular to those people have been brain washed to think success means having to go and change their biz opps as often as their underwear!

What I am going to do to personally back up ‘the truth’ Rod reveals is record a personal video showing you black and white proof that all I have shared with you right now is true.

Again in my whole 11 year career online I have NEVER done this before and the ONLY reason why I’m doing this is because Rod IS right.

Rod IS telling the truth about what it really takes to make a 6-figure income from home as everything he shares on that 47 minute webinar is exactly what I had to do and become as well.

If you have not heard ‘the truth’ then please if you take it to heart it can change your life forever like it has done for me.



I’m deadly serious.


As I shared with my subscribers this morning I literally downloaded my business bank statements from 2005 and 2006 for the video :-)


Not only will I show you income proof.


I’m also for the very first time going to publically reveal what my very first company was.


And also why in late 2005/early 2006 I made the very VERY difficult decision to ‘retire’ from my first Company even though at the time my organisation was generating close to 200,000 USD a month in sales volume.



I’ve got extra goodies to assist my HBB Academy partners, including access to my 16 follow ups and more and you will receive the link to watch a quick 5 minute video revealing the extra goodies in the email my system will send you when you enter my HBB Academy System.  So be sure you check your inbox after your register to watch webinar.


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Ulysses Dadon is a professional Business Building Coach. My goal in the next 90 days is to have you positioned to make $100,000 this time next in your business by offering FREE training and places to advertise.

->   http://www.advertiseaphonenumber.com

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