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New Video Technology, Great FUN - 70% Payout

One Big Account Could Retire You!!

Hi Friend,

I just joined WowWe and I'm very excited about the possibilities!! My upline, In his 1st 72 hours earned $455.00 by just sharing his Video Emails with a few friends. I'm having loads of FUN!! Don't forget, this is also a strong RESIDUAL INCOME month after month, and at only $19.95 per month, there is no one who will ever want to quit using this fun and effective product!!

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The owner of WowWe, recently received a signed contract from one of the largest M*L*M Companies around that is Private Labeling our communication technology platform for their whole distributor base to use. The Rep who made this big sale will earn a very hefty 5-figure commission on that sale. When you then stop to think about the fact that this Rep will also earn $.50 to $1.00 per account, each and every month in residuals, it gets VERY EXCITING!! One sale of our Wowwe Communication Platform to a big company could literally RETIRE YOU!!

WowWe is the easiest and most cost effective communication platform in the world. Every Traditional Business, every M*L*M Professional, and every M*L*M Company, will want WowWe!! Every good business is built on strong communication, and there is none better than WowWe!!

Then there's all the Moms and Pops, with Sons and Daughters off at college, or off fighting the war, or just hundreds of miles apart, that will want to use our WowWe communication platform to stay connected with those they love, especially on birthdays and other special occasions!!

Consider these Points?

Ø Highest Payout in M*L*M Industry!! TRUE 70% Payout, PAID on GROSS SALE!!

Ø Your one time $99.00 purchase includes your first month?s $19.95 monthly cost.

Ø Your $99.00 purchase also gets you THREE PROFESSIONAL WEBSITES.

a. One website to send Entrepreneurs and Networkers to, with the Comp Plan.

b. One to send Traditional Business, and M*L*M Company Owners to, without the Comp Plan.

c. One website for you to use to PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS, whatever that may be, or for you to just use for PLEASURE and FUN. On this website you will be able to post all your Pictures, Videos, and much more!!

Ø These websites do all the selling and presenting FOR YOU!! You don?t need to be a sales professional to market this communication product. It literally SELLS ITSELF!!

Ø WowWe currently has 27 full time employees, of which 21 are in the I.T. Department.

Ø WowWe has many Propriety technologies created in-house by the I.T. Department.

Ø WowWe has already invested millions into this technology and 3-Year infrastructure.

Ø WowWe is OPEN in the USA NOW, with plans to rapidly expand international.

Ø WowWe has retained one of the top M*L*M Attorneys in the business.

What will your $19.95 per month get you? A Powerful Technology Bundle!!

1. Powerful, easy to use Video Email System, with complete tracking of use, and forwarding.

2. Three Professional Websites. Two for Marketing, and one for Personal/Business use.

3. Top Notch Sales Aids and Training, including beautiful Full Color PDF Flyers.

4. Ability to sell to Traditional Businesses like Car Lots and Restaurants. Ability to sell to M*L*M and other types of Sales Companies of all sizes. Ability to sell to Churches, Friends and Family.

5. Powerful Webcast Platform with 21 Video Screens and Interactive Whiteboard. (Coming Soon)

6. Live Video Broadcast via Cell Phone to your Personal Wowwe Website!! (Coming Soon)

NOTE: WowWe plans to outperform and undersell any and all present and future competition in the marketplace, while providing Reps with the most lucrative compensation plan ever created!!

For Product Details or to Join:

Check out the lower link to Watch My Personal Video Email

Your Partner in Success,

David Schopper



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David Schopper
Cell: 919-320-7677
Work: 919-359-1800


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