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This is Just a Four Letter Word But...
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This is Just a Four Letter Word But...


One of our Sokule members sent this
question into support and it got this
answer from me.

Question: How Can I make sales for Sokule?

My answer was a bit brutal- but honest- so
I thought I would share it with you.

Here is what I answered...

Hi John,

I hope you don't mind if I am brutally
honest with you but promoting Sokule or
any other site as a fr-ee member is a
waste of you time.

Here's why...

It takes as much know how, energy and
investment of time to promote a site
as a fr-ee member as it does as a
pa-id member.

But...When you do make a sale it is
heartbreaking because generally speaking
you ea-rn very little as a fr-=ee member
of a site.

You are working hard to make a sale but
the benefit goes to the owner of the site
because they generally pay you much less
than they do their upgraded members

Making mon-ey, in any business, requires
an investment of time and dough.

You could not open a restaurant or sell
light bulbs in the bricks and mortor world
without a lease for your store, paying for
insurance, keeping the lights on and
marketing etc.

It is no different online

You can join all the sites fr-ee that you
like but you will NOT make mo-ney that
way or build a business that can sustain you.

You must approach an online business,the
way any business is done and that is
by planning how you are going to build
it for the future

I am fond of telling people that Fr-ee is
just a four letter word.

I know they do not like to hear that but
sometimes it is important to let people
know what is real and what is fiction.

Joining this site or that site for Fr-ee
and somehow wishing or hoping that you
will make mon-ey from it is engaging in
fantasy thinking. It may be fun but,
after awhile, it becomes disappointing.

If is fine to join a site for fr-ee to
take a look around and see if it is for you
but if you are going to take that site
by the horns and promote it, then do it
as a business person and upgrade before
you do.

That way when you make a sale, you will
not be disappointed and you will be on
your way to building a real business online

Summer is over

It is now YOUR time to make some real
dough online

Grab your Sokule affiliate link and
have at it.

But before you do, make sure you
are  at least a silver member of
Sokule so that when you make a
sale, you pocket some real dough.

Sometimes just looking at things in
an honest way can pay off for you big time.

Free is just a Four Letter Word but
you can work around it and make yourself
a real living online.

Get the picture?

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you want to upgrade to our most
popular Sokule membership level which is a
silver annual membership...

Use this special discount link that you
missed when you signed up to Sokule.


Give yourself a full year to learn
all about Sokule and about marketing
at a cheap cheap price and along the
way when you make a sale, you can pocket
some real dough.

PPS: If you are not yet a member of
sokule, join us right here




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