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Freemasonry and the Goblet of Bitterness

Freemasonry and the Goblet of Bitterness

  Cebes, who was born in Thebes, the city of Boeotia, in the fifth century. C., in his book Table of Life , describes a huge enclosure where his characters live. A crowd of candidates to life crowds at the door. A genius, represented by a venerable old man directs candidates atilados advice. His wise warnings about conduct that must be observed towards life, are immediately forgotten souls eager to live. As soon as they enter the fatal precincts, feel obliged to parade before the throne of Sham woman whose countenance is a conventional phrase and has insinuating ways. The Sham presents them a cup. You can not go without drinking little or a lot. To live intensely, many drinking large gulps error and ignorance; others, more prudent, just prove the magic potion and, as a result, forget the advice received less and not feel much attachment to life. The passage of the cup with sweet or bitter beverage remember this old quote. This rite starts in the great mystery of life that offers us its sweetness, but teaches us to also accept their cruelties and rigors.

 Life is not cruel for anyone to get the child, spoiled by his mother, the child not only expresses the joy of living; instinct, she claims her right to life, which seems to be given to him but to allow you to enjoy it without reservation. Youth teaches, however, that not everything is charming in life that is far from the be granted free of charge. The need for each to make your life not slow to take hold. The child does not last but a carefree time, because soon, life instructs us their rudeness, and since we become strong, it requires that we learn to endure the hardships of existence: they show cowardice in front of pain is confession unworthy to live.

 How old when we accept life, our tendency is to prove-just as nice and wish happiness as if we can get it for free without having elicited it deserved. This is to ignore completely the Labour Law that necessarily applies to all life. Living is, in short, perform a function and therefore work. Life is such an inseparable section of work and effort that can not conceive of the inertia. Our existence is action. Rest to replenish forces, in order to proceed with our activities. Who stops working renounces existence: the final resting sterilizes and equivalent annulment, death! Since the output of paradise man was forced to work to provide for their needs. Drinking despite the bitterness is stoically accept the rigors of life. The habit relieves the pains and penalties have learned to endure.

 We know it is possible to escape from every penalty and work so that life just give us satisfactions. But this tactic does not produce more than deception, and life know revenge on those who do not want to abide by their laws. At least the boredom of living is your heritage.

 The purified mystic leads to his lips the cup of Knowing Initiation, in which his intelligence sipping a new life, free of profane brutalities.

 Conceiving a lifetime of sweetness amid brothers who dream only to assist you in all things, the newly initiated into Freemasonry is happy and satisfied with a delicious water. The reflection, however, reveals to him the responsibilities he assumes because of their spiritual advancement. The ignorant, who does not understand the meaning of life, you can abandon yourself to selfishness; living only for himself, he is not at the service of the Great Work, and nothing to reproach him, if, respecting others, he takes an honest profane existence. Otherwise is more demanding, initiatory life imposes the devotion, the forgetfulness of self, a constant concern with the general good. The concern with the other preoccupies generous soul who suffers from human misery; wanting to relieve them, Masonic exposes himself to not be understood, to be pursued, thus proving the bitterness. Your reward and live in well, because he lives for the good of the Initiate próximo.Para, is all the more honor to live, much less aspire to possess the secrets that are precisely those of life itself. The Masonic Initiation teaches how to live a higher life, ie, in perfect harmony with the Great Life. Understanding life well: here the goal of every aspirant to wisdom. Care that the secrets of death? In due time, will be revealed, and there's no need to worry about them. In exchange, we must live, and to live according to the demands of life. Such is the teaching of Freemasonry.

 Life makes these demands may seem tyrannical to the common man who did not understand human existence and its inexorable necessity of submitting to work. Amid papers and pens, it regrets and drafty rebels against the pain that was imposed. This harsh punishment while not determined to find paradise, so ready to learn even resign. Suffer, work: will mean that, by chance, decay? And who can be strong and powerful without first having suffered cruelly? The soul that wants to conquer the nobility and sovereignty must pick them up in the crags of suffering. It is known that spiritual growth happens through love and pain, just know that these take the dose every one of us is destined.

 This does not mean, however, that it is essential to seek or intentional asceticism torments, because life will know salutíferas provide us proof and will give us the cup, inviting us to empty it firmly, without, on our part, to add any bitterness. The Initiate learns not to fear pain and suffering with courage, but not obliged to love or live to please themselves with grief. Have faith in life. Known the merciful, despite its inexorable laws, and savoring the sweetness that allows us to compensate the damages it inflicts on.

 As we get started is harmony, the harmonic terms with life. Becomes a painful learning the essential art of living , this is the art that practice Initiates. Life is your school, which can not be admitted that it is not decided to drink from the cup of bitterness. Such is the requirement of Freemasonry.

 Undoubtedly, life gives us happiness. Every being has a right to believe it and this is his constant aspiration. We live in hope, and seem lighter penalties today, if we compare them with the joys of tomorrow. Ordinary life can bring to us certain illusions and treat us as teenagers, but the initiatory life already considers us mature men, unwilling, therefore, to be carried away by illusions. Happiness is the assured, as long as we know get it ourselves. Of all creditors are without merit. If life is given us, is to use it as is due, not to enjoy it without paying tribute. Let us therefore consider it under its true aspect. Let us enter his service willing to consagrarmo us to strict compliance with our work life, our earthly mission that the alchemists called Magna Work.

 At all times, the initiation of the privilege was valiant heroes willing to suffer, men with power who spared no efforts. It is the glorification of the creative effort of the sage who come to full understanding of life, to the point that, to live to work, can break the chains of the inmate sentenced to work for a living. The adage goes: Work equals freedom , and it would still be better to say that we are liberated from slavery through our love of work. It is therefore a matter of desired work, to seek the fruitful effort without fear of suffering that can accompany its implementation. Then life will be, for us, pleasant, comforting and beautiful.

 Thus is explained the symbolism of the potion whose bitterness should not discourage us. We can give you back the original flavor, simply accepting the obligation to drink, until the end, the Holy Grail of Life.

 Work of Oswald Wirth was consulted in drafting the text above.

  Honorio S. Menezes, 33 °, AASR.


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