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My Recent LegalShield Experience. I'm So Glad I have My Membership

Forgive me because I failed.

I failed to convey to the importance of shielding yourself

and your family from the terrible effects of Identity Theft.

What is worse I failed to share with you the value

that I personally received from my being a member.

At the beginning of the month I had received two traffic tickets.

The situation that cause the tickets to be written was that my

tail light bulb had blown.


Well the Officer found some other things that were wrong

with my car and I was facing up $1000 in fines. Fortunately,

because I had my membership I was able to fax my tickets

over to the attorney and they gave me advice and counsultation

on what to do.


Today I went to court. Doing what the Law Firm instructed I walked

away with only have to pay $135.00. I'm so grateful. Because,

if I didn't have that access I would have probably been stuck.


I just want to end on the note that the is nothing more powerful I can

tell you than what you will experience when you get this awesome membership.




Clarence Coggins


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