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You Have Until August 2nd-Lock in Price and Place
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You Have Until August 2nd-Lock in Price and Place

We are in prelaunch


You have until August 2nd to get in and hold your
place in what I see as one of the best online business
ideas I have seen in 14 years of working online.

You take a picture
You tag it with a product that goes with it
You get that product by searching 19,186 huge
retailers at Leafit.

That's it.
You're done

The whole thing takes about 60 seconds.

You make a comm-ission on every sale from the
photo you posted.

It's simple
It's brilliant
It has huge potential to put thousands of
dollars in your pocket every single day but...

Right now you can get into the matrix part
of the site that add the kicker to your

You can get in now for 40 bucks a month

But if you wait until launch which is August
2nd, you are going to pay 149.00 one time
plus 49.00 per month.

The time to go is now
Right now

We are building a huge team at Sokule
We want you on it

We want to you save the 149.50 at launch
time and we want you to get in early for
a change and have the change to earn a
heap of dough from this site.

Come join us here

Hold your place and the price
by upgrading to associate today

go get um


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