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New Matrix System Prelaunch Ends August 18th

New Matrix System Prelaunch Ends August 18th

Created by Michael Weber " A Matrix Specialist & Programmer"

NOW Coming X100K.com Pre-Launch Till 18th August... 
To see a video click here.

What is great about the X100K.com system is members are not required to sponsor anyone!  Members can set their own budgets on how many positions they want to start with and add over time.  X100K.com system fits the budget of everyone! 


Note - There is no requirement to sponsor or recruit anyone.  It is possible to enter this program without depositing any money.

X100K.com system has various purchase strategies starting at zero dollars and going up to a heavy hitter package for $411.50! You’ll want to deposit funds before the launch day so that they have cleared and are available to make the purchases you desire.  Purchases start at $0.50 in the Free Way matrix and progress to the highest matrix position costing just $72.50!  Purchasing one position in each matrix will just cost just $105!  Remember when you complete a cycle in a matrix you will get a re-entry position and position(s) in the other matrices as specified.  

Members who market X100K Have A Chance Of Making A Huge Sponsor Bonus From The $10,000 Pool where the top recruiter gets $5,000 and the remaining $5,000 is paid out to other 14 top recruiters!  The Sponsor Bonus Pool starts over again accumulating $10,000 for which the previous $5,000 top winner is not eligible. The top recruiter can open  another Pro Member account using a new email address and start competing all over again.  After the first $10,000 is paid out, the Bonus Accumulator will continue to build funds faster and faster and is designed to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to the top sponsors!

Earning Power: Free Members can Earn a Position in the Free Way Matrix For Just Logging In Every Day For 50 Days which creates a risk free opportunity! 

Purchasing Power: Pro Members Can Purchase Multiple Positions per Guidelines of Each Matrix Which Helps All The Matrices To Keep Cycling!

The Feeder Power: Every 6 Months a new Matrix will be introduced on a first come first served basis for active Pro Members To Join… a level playing field where you will a new chance to Earn More Every 6 Months!  The new matrix will be designed with a low cost and a payout that quickly allows you to recover the entry cost. Also, a new Feeder Matrix will be created to keep the new Matrix cycling day after day.  When you complete a cycle in the new Matrix you will be awarded a position in the $100K 3x8 Matrix.

Residual Retention System (RRS) Helps Keep Everyone In X100K So That No Positions Are Lost!  Once You Become a Pro Member You Will Always Be A Pro Member For Life!  Cost of a Pro Membership Is $7 per Week and the X100K System Holds Those Funds From Withdrawal.  If Your Funds Fall below $7 then you become an inactive Pro Member until you cycle in one of the matrices thereby receiving additional funds. As funds become available Pro Members are automatically reactivated daily without loosing any earnings! Get ready for an exciting ride... just click here.



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