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Our Done For You Services-You Are Busy-We Can Help
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Our Done For You Services-You Are Busy-We Can Help


We know you are busy.
We can help

Turn your marketing needs over to us
and let us do it for you.

Try it. You'll like it.

We have several Done For Your Marketing services

Here are the services that will make life easy for you.

Onyalist Done For You

We create a capture page, a sales funnel
and ads for you and promote your capture
page to our own lists 2 times to get
you leads.

The capture page is yours to use forever.
The ads are yours to use forever. This is one
of our best deals.


Mailings Done For You

We mail to all of our lists (over 600,000
members) PLus all of the outside lists we
belong to over 375,000. That is over 975,000

We can do this for you 2 times or 4 times.

You send us the ad and we take it from there


Social Posting Done for You

We post to our own social media accounts
and our own Sokule accounts which are
huge and we do it for you.

You can order it 2 times a month or
4 times a month

All you do is send us your ad and
we take it from there.


Kuleping Done For You

One of the best ways to get people to
uprgrade in a program of your own is to
offer them fr-ee promotion for thier
affilaite link

We can do that for you.

See how here


These services make life easy for you online.

They help get your marketing off the ground.

Try it
You'll like it

We can do this for YOU.

Go get um


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