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How to Tap Into The Power of Influencers

How do you get influential bloggers, Tweeters and YouTubers to send their audience your way? Try these methods:


1.   Join HARO http://www.helpareporter.com/ not just as a source but also as a journalist. This allows you to get interviews with all kinds of influencers. And naturally these influencers will be willing to share your interview with their audience because it helps them as well.


2.   When putting together content, get in touch with appropriate influencers and ask them quick questions. Then keep them apprised of your work, and when you publish your content let them know you used their quotes. They may promote you as a result.


3.   Anytime you quote or mention an influencer, let them know about it. For example: “Joe, just letting you know I've quoted your excellent advice on growing black roses in my latest blog post.” This is an excellent way to start a conversation.


4.   Find common non-business ground and then find a way to be helpful to them. “Linda, I noticed in your latest post you mentioned your work was difficult because of your 2 year old – here's an article I found to be extremely helpful when my own daughter was going through the terrible 2's last year.”


5.   Offer to help them in a business sense. It might be promoting their latest book, creating graphics or telling their story. Whatever it is, don't ask for anything in return. Your goal is to build the relationship first.


You'll notice that in none of these 5 ideas have we suggested you ask them to promote you or send you traffic. That's because asking for something up front is the easiest way be rightfully ignored. By building the relationship first, you're opening the door to a mutually beneficial long term alliance and possibly accessing their audience on multiple occasions, not just once or twice.


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