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Finding Loopholes


Finding Loopholes Make You Unstoppable


If you have been marketing for a while, You will come to realize that some

of the places that you might be advertising, Will change their rules around sometimes.

They do that to try an make it harder for us marketers to make money. It can be various

reasons why your link isn’t allowed. But finding loopholes will make you unstoppable.

Being in business for yourself will always be a challenge and things will always change.

Have you ever had a mentor/coach who has told you to ” Stay In The Loop? “. They tell

you that because you need to always know what’s going on and what has changed. Sofinding

loopholes will always be something that you might have to do from time to time. In this video below,

I will go over a few obstacles that I ran into and how finding loopholes fixed my problem. Watch the video below.



Finding Loopholes Made It Possible Still!

So when my links would show up on Facebook for some reason, I Found loopholes to handle the problem.

First my WP blog that I got inside of a company wouldn’t show up because the actual company was growing

to fast. So what I did was take the content and video off of my actual WP blog, And pasted it in another blogging

platform that I use. The result was that I used the new link from my blogging platform which had the same exact

content and video in it, And I was able to still get my content and my video out on Facebook! Mission Accomplished.

Finding Loopholes doesn’t have to be that hard. All you have to do is be willing to dig deep and try other things to accomplish

the same goal.


Another problem that I was having, Was every time I tried to post the link from my capture pages within my system, Facebook

would block it. I even tried shortening the URL! The same thing happened. So what I did was use the link that I get from my

link rotator. Now even though I can put numerous links inside of this tool, I still get an unique link to promote whatever links

that I have saved inside. And the result? It worked! Finding loopholes struck again! There is always a way to get things

done even if certain sites try to stop you. These are just a few loopholes I had to find to get the job done. So never think that

because you might get blocked sometimes, That you can’t still market. Now do you see the power of Finding loopholes can be?


Hope you found this helpful. Please share and leave a comment.


To your success,


Donta Holliman

Business Building Coach

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