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Can 6000 people be wrong?  I have never seen such excitement on a launch before. There is much antcipation with the huge automated system that you willl get excited about what you see and you will say "It Makes Sense". Get onto the webinar at the foot of this page.




After being a successful franchiser in the off line World, I wanted to bring a Franchise on line, that would give any person that joins, the opportunity to be paid residual income from all aspects of the business, at a very low start up cost, compared to a traditional off line franchise.


With an off line franchise a franchisee normally pays any where between 100K and 1 million dollars for a franchise and really all they have done is bought into a well paid job because there compensation is generally commensurate with the work they do, whereas, the franchiser is getting residual income from the turnover of the franchise, training, store setups and packaging etc.


The franchise that I have set up includes the opportunity to earn, like a franchiser, residual income in all aspects of the franchise. 


It has taken 4 years to find one of the most exciting Network Marketing vehicles to run with. We have teamed up with a fast moving team, which was the brain child of an 8 figure SEO and Marketing expert, who has himself teamed up with an 11 year old Network Marketing Company that has been flying through Europe and the Pacific Rim and now has recently moved into USA.


Most traditional Network Companys are distributor driven but with this Company it is customer driven with a ratio of customers to distributors being 400:1 which is unheard of in this industry.


TEAM WUKAR is the team that I have joined in with, they have put together a team of top online marketers who have put together a 3 million automated marketing system, creating the most dynamic and robust SEO projects ever seen in the industry, benefiting all members that participate. It will be  be a real game changer, especially, for those that have not made money on the net before.

The education is phenominal. Who would not want to learn SEO from an 8 figure SEO earner for free and a Social Media Queen whom has, in the  past 3 months, earned a large 5 figure income, during pre launch, through completely using face book without using paid advertising.

DUBLI is the Company we have partnered with and they have the most rewarding global "CASH BACK" online shopping portal on earth. They have over 10,000 shops on line where you can get cash back on the purchases from some of your branded stores- including TRAVEL, DEPARTMENT STORES AND ENTERTAINMENT.


We are looking for leaders to participate in a very exciting future and you can get further information by sending your contact details to the following site:




Looking forward to working with you in the future

Ray Blee

 Franchise Director

P.S.      This opportunity needs investigation and the best thing to do is to come on to my teams post launch of WUKAR, webinar, where you will get full details and exciting news from the launch:

Just click on the following link and register that you are going and I will send you a link. The call will be on Wednesday, the 12th November at 9.00 pm EST (New York) or 1.00 pm Thursday, the 13th November at 1.00 pm AEST (Australia).




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