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 Click on link above to see overview DO NOT click on the link that shows after the video - it leads to generic web site, just read through information below and click the link in the body of information. 


This coming Monday, November 10th, 2014, The Perfect Franchise launches and will change peoples lives.

The Perfect Franchise has joined an exclusive marketing team headed up by an 8 figure earning SEO Expert who has built, a World First, automated marketing machine that all members can contribute to, with special jobs, and be rewarded with customers and business associates.

No individual could create a machine like this by themselves. It will take the collective efforts of the team, who will be well rewarded from huge rotators that will be spitting out up to 10,000 customers and business associates daily.

This Marketing team has aligned themselves with an 11 year old Network Marketing Company, whom, have just revamped their compensation plan that will give individuals the opportunity to succeed quickly and own their own life.


Our product is cash back on shopping. 191 million people shop online in the USA alone. 80% of the internet population have shopped online. Online shopping accounts for 1.5 trillion dollars in the economy today and it is predicted that this will increase to 3.2 trillion within 2 years.

Our parent Company has partnered with over 10,000 online shopping sites around the World, offering products in every niche, and customers and business associates are averaging a whopping 15% in cash back.

The Company is customer driven, unlike  the majority of Network marketing firms who are distributor driven. The average customer/distributor ratio is 400:1, which, is unheard of in this industry. The retention rate of both customers and business associates is significant.

The Marketing team has not started marketing through it's marketing machine as yet. That commences on Monday and despite that, in prelaunch over the last 3 months, there have been over 6,000 Business Associates that have joined us and there already Business Associates earning 5 and 6 figure monthly income. There are also 10 Business Associates, so far, that have qualified for a land lot, that is fully paid for, on Cayman Island. They are only a few months away from qualifying for a house being built on that lot by the Company - sure beats most Companies incentive - a car bonus.

The timing is spot on and I would suggest you do your due diligence by clicking the link below.



Ray Blee

Franchise Director


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