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Facebook Goldmine: A unique way to advertise on Facebook.

To do this advertising, Mike G the owner of
the FB Goldmine Program pays Facebook
a fee, and it is a significant fee. He is the only
man on the planet with this special arrangement.

This makes him the only person in the world
that can do this for you
- you'll see why at the site:


Just to whet your appetite...
Recently he set up a client and only six hours
after Facebook began mailing his campaign for
him he had an amazing 14,245 visitors to his
custom Facebook page they built for him,
and get this... 1,024 likes.

Mike G will write the add that appears in
the string of announcements, just as if it's
coming from the active users best friend. And
will place that announcement on up to 100,000
active members news-feeds at a time.

You need to realize why this is so powerful...
It's because the ad, the announcement, the copy
that he will write for you appears as though it
is being posted by someone whom the Facebook
member knows.. They see it, they read it.

This is viral marketing on steroids.

Mike Glaspie is the Founder and CEO
of the ICANetwork, a unique business opportunity
that is known as "The Peoples Program"


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