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One of my passions is Sailing! You have to try it!

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Speaking of Sailing Stories, here's my latest!


Sailing Against Wind, Against Current And Calms."

A while back I sailed down to San Diego and then back again.


 The trip took two weeks. Sailing to San Diego only took me two days - and this was without an engine. But sailing back took me a week! 


Sailing against wind, current and calms really took its toll! Here's some excerpts from my story: 





"...It was apparent that the wind was going to continue from the north making it clear to me that I could only sail north-west close hauled against the wind and current. It was going to be a fight - I could feel it now! 


After a couple hours I got about five miles out and then the wind promptly stopped!"




"I could do nothing but take the sails down and wait for the wind. But there was nothing but sheer calm all night! 


 I could see the fishing boats bright lights however, scattered here and there over the ocean horizon. For some reason this night is etched in my memory...


The dark night at sea passed peacefully. I remember the faint glow of the candle I had lit glimmering in the cabin, the occasional flicker of my flashlight on the countertop to get a snack. 


I remember the faint glow of the candle I had lit glimmering in the cabin, the occasional flicker of my flashlight on the countertop to get a snack. 


Slowly through the night I drifted with the current unawares a couple miles south down toward Point Loma."




"I was then left alone to wait for the wind. And I waited and waited. 


Usually the wind picks up around 10 am but not today. I waited while the suns heat beat down upon the boat. Thankfully I could go down into the cabin and open the hatches for ventilation and get some relief from the sun!"




"Finally around 1pm the wind came out and I slowly began to sail north past La Jolla. 


But it was a slow ride as the wind was not exceptionally strong an I was fighting the current too. What should have taken a couple hours took all day and I was just clearing the San Diego area by nightfall. 


 I remember the feeling of sailing up the coast at night, watching the mountains as I sailed on by. The wind was constant but not very strong. Sometimes it seemed like it had completely disappeared but when I looked at the sail it was still full - so there was must have been some wind somewhere! 


By sunrise I was closing in on the harbor."


"By 11am I finally came in through the rocky harbor entrance! I docked the boat at the harbor patrol extra dock and finally got to get a solid hour of rest" [as I hadn't got much rest that night.

*This is from my blog post: Sailing from San Diego to Los Angeles Part V: Up To Oceanside. To read the rest of the story or to just visit my blog simply go here: http://SailingWithAlbie.blogspot.com

Thanks for your comments! 





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