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Second Place Ignorance-Janes Sunday Sermon
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Second Place Ignorance-Janes Sunday Sermon

They say ignorance is bliss. I respectfully disagree.

Yesterday, I was channel surfacing and someone was announcing the results of a poll that was conducted across many countries that measured how ignorant the population was.

I sat up when they said the US was the second most ignorant country in the world.

Who was the first most ignorant?
Italy has that dubious distinction

Don't tell my daughter in law this. She is Italian and has a black belt in business Communication and strategy. I hope she does not read this Sunday Sermon:)

Who was the least ignorant country?

The Answer is Sweden
You gotta love the Swedes

You can read more about ignorance here


I must say I did not like my country coming in second in the ignorance factor although I certainly would not have wanted to change places with Italy.

But...upon reflection, I was not surprised by the results

We just has a fact free election in my country where people who run around proudly proclaiming “I am not a scientist" won.

I think that is called Top Down willful Ignorance :)

Two thirds of the second most ignorant country on earth did not bother to vote at all which, in my mind, is just plain dumb.

I am a big believer that learning is the basis of the road to any success, in any country, and apparently, in that area, The US has a long road to travel.

I can't control the ignorance factor in most areas but I can contribute to some down to earth learning in the world of online business.

There are some very simple principals you need to follow to succeed in the business world.

The very first is having an audience to talk to about the product you are selling.

In the off line world that is a store front where people walk in your door and if you can light up their life and speak to their needs, you may make a sale.

In the online world your store front is a LIST where people know you by your words.

If you have a product that people want and need and can communicate the worth of that product by your words, you may make a sale online.

Online you need to make your words payand it is your words that need to close The sale for you.

Bottom Line:


Your List is your most valuable asset for your online business.

You need to grow one and you need to use every responsive list to grow your own list online.

I promise you if you do this, You will make sales online.

If you want to know the lists I use to make a 7 figure income online, get your hands on my bestselling book called All Your Lists in One Place.


It will tell you what to look for in a list
It will give you the names, the size of and the cost of good contact lists
It will teach you the difference between a contact list and a safelist
Yes there is a BIG difference!

It will show you how to use a list once you get your hands on a good one and how to get some real sales mileage out of the lists that you choose to join.

I may not be able to solve the US second place ignorance level but I can start you down the road to success, in any country, with some simple but powerful and practical book learning.

Oh and did I tell you that this site has its own mailer and you get access to it for FR_EE in the members area. You get a FR_EE mail daily executive membership for life

You can earn your investment back in a heartbeat. You make 50% commission on every sale.

This is a wise choice.


Ignorance is NOT bliss. I'm for putting an end to ignorance wherever I can.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc.






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