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Does This Irk You? Jane’s Sunday Sermon
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Does This Irk You? Jane’s Sunday Sermon

I have a pet peeve online.

I hate getting anonymous emails with no names attached.

That really irks me.

I like to know who I am doing business with and so should you.

I read emails- hundreds of them every day.

I like to see what people are promoting and what my competition is up to so I
am one of those rare people online who actually likes to read my emails.

I learn from them.

Call me crazy but, as a business person online, you should be looking
around to see what is new and what is available and opening some
emails can be a very enlightening experience.

I groan when I get one of those emails that makes me click on
some link to get my emails through.

I always have to laugh when people tell me they get too many emails.
They expect other people to open their emails but they don't want to
participate themselves.

Business does not work well that way.

Closing out others in your field can be a fatal flaw in your business plan.

Sure there is a lot of crap out there online but among the junk are often
many gems that can really help you to enhance your own online business.

When you put up road blocks to that, you are losing out on a valuable asset.

And here is one of the things you should never do. You should not send
out a promo without your name on it. Your full name.

If I open an email from the subject line and then find that the person
has not bothered to sign their name to it, I figure they are either not
knowledgeable about the site they are promoting or are ashamed of it.
In either case, I don't want to do business with them.

Sign your name.
Be proud of what you are promoting.
Let people know it is you that are promoting it

Get you name known on the net as someone who has
valuable information to give

Brand your name and...don't try to do it by closing out others.
It won't work and you will find yourself on an isolated island
trying to sell your products to the fish and the birds.

Business, anywhere including online, is a people to people endeavor.

Remember that and you will go far.

The one thing you don't want to do online is irk people. Irks
can be painful:)

Have a great Sunday

go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

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