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Crush Your Competition...*This Just Launched*
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Crush Your Competition...*This Just Launched*


Have you ever wondered how someone can
get 300,000 views on A You Tube video
and you put one up and get 10 viewws?

Have you ever wondered how one person
can send out an email and get no
response and someone else gets a
48% open rate?

Stop Wondering...
It's Easy

You need to know the right words to use
Words can work magic if you know when
and how to use them.

When you know the words to use,
You can Crush Your competition
and start making sales today.

Leave it to my Partner, Phil Basten,
to come up with an easy, quick way
to find the right words to use

Wait until you see this baby in action

It is called YT Tag Locator and it
will make your eyes pop


All you do is pop in a word you
want to check up on to see if it is

You put the minimum number of times
it has been searched on. I usually
put in 1000

You put in the amount of days you want
to view.

I usually pop in 30 days

Then you hit search

That's It
You're Done.

Instantly, you get a report that shows
you all of views and other related
keywords done on that word or phrae
you searched and...

You can pop those keywords into

A Video Description
An Email Subject line
A Solo Ad Copy
A Blog post
A Social Media Post
A sales Page
Or any other marketing vehicle you use

Two Fr-ee Reports

Along with this fabulous search tool
you will get two fabulous FR_EE reports
which tell you exactly how to  crush
your competition day in and day out.

If you know what words are popular
and what related words go with them
you can crush your competition anytime

YT Tag locator is Affordable
Prices start at 17 bucks
All are One Time Payments

It has an affiliate program
You can ea-rn your investment back in
a heart beat

Get pa-id every Friday.

It is your time to crush your competition

Here is where you can bury them.


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: YT Tag Locator is the first of 3
sites that will start to make you
a ninja marketer

These 3 sites are all related.

The second will launch in about a week

And the third will launch in about
six weeks and will tie them all together
and add much more zing to your wallet

The third site will be the only site
you will ever want to promote on the net .

Think I am kidding?
I assure you I am not.

Make sure you are on this launch list



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