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Get 2 For The Price Of One...Offer Ends Friday
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Get 2 For The Price Of One...Offer Ends Friday


If you hurry. You will get two sites
for the price of one.

I can't tell you exactly what I mean
by this right now but this will be one
of the  most interesting things we have
ever done online and it is all leading
to one extraordinary site down the road
in about 6 weeks.

So here's the deal
You buy this site today.


Prices start at just 17 bucks
All Prices are One Time Prices

In Two days from now, you will have a second
site for fr-ee.

Both will make you dough.

And both will be part of a huge site
we are developing for launch in about
6 weeks so you need to get in on this
before the cookie crumbles on you

Take my word for it
You want this tool for your own use

Take my word for it.

You want to resell this tool
to your downlines and lists
for their benefit

You will make mon-ey both from this
one very smart advertising tool and
from reselling the tool

Invest your 17 bucks or higher right now
and you will get two sites for the price
of one

We will give you the sister site
to promote on Friday.

All prices are one time prices.

And you will part of a much bigger
happening that will go off in about
six weeks

Start down the path to success right here.


This offer ends Friday 6.00 am EST
so make sure yo get your hands on this
before then and goes as high as you can
in the membership.

It is going to be doubled for you
on Friday in a very unique way.

go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: To see just how simple this site
is to use, scroll down to the middle
of the page and watch the simple
demo that my partner, Phil Basten, just
put on the site.



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