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Hello I am Steve

I live in a suburb of  Perth in Western Australia with my wife of 45 years. Most of you with whom I am in contact from time to time live in the US. I am told Fall has just started for you. I haven't ever experienced that, nor the extreme cold of your winter.

Here it is now Spring. Today we had a balmy 26 degrees Celsius, which I understand to be around your 80 degrees F . Some rain has been forecast for tomorrow and next week, but we can from now on look forward to it getting warmer, with swimming in our home pool not far away. 

Summer can be hot, but  with the help of air conditoners and the swimming pool it is actually a very nice season, especially for those of us who do not need to work outside in the heat of what can be a blazing sun.  I am now retired.

Anyway, I thought to send you a little note of appreciation for our contact. It never ceases to amaze me how the internet has made it possible to communicate with so many people all over the world so easily and freely. I'd like you to know I really appreciate our contact.

If you would like to know more about me you can look me up at http://www.sokule.com/postit/shande. There's nothing to buy there so feel free to browse to your hearts content. If you like you can even sign up at no cost by clicking the Easy Sign Up link and get your own webpage.

Tomorrow is Sunday. For me that is a day of rest. I wish you a nice Sunday too, a blessed weekend, and a fruitful week.

Steve Terpstra 


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