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1.    Direct Pay System By Tim Berger Review: How Much Can You Realistically Make?  This program my very well work for you!

2.    There’s a new “top tier” or “big ticket” program on the home business scene called Direct Pay System. While it’s not a program that I’m personally interested in, I know that my readers may be so I did some digging so I can provide you with a completely unbiased Direct Pay System Review. As you probably know, I am a big fan of the high ticket business model because it pays out BIGGER commissions and is a much easier way to make money from home than MLM (that requires massive recruiting talents that most people don’t have :)). This Direct Pay System program does put a little twist on the traditional 1-up compensation plan that is common with these programs and I’m not sure I like it. I’ll cover that in a bit. Who owns the Direct Pay System? The owner/creator of the Direct Pay System program is Tim Berger. Tim is very successful in the home business industry and is also the creator of the popular Little Ticket To Wealth program, http://www.SecretLeadFactory.com/wgcole Little Ticket To Wealth has been around since 2009. Tim started Direct Pay System (DPS) to provide himself and the people who join his program with a way to make higher commissions than the max $400 you can earn with LTTW. Direct Pay System Review: What Is It Exactly? DPS is a high ticket/top tier direct sales business. It is a program and

3.    NOT a company. There are no corporate offices to visit. This type of program is popular in the home business industry and there is nothing wrong with the fact that there is no physical company or office. Direct Pay System Compensation Plan: There are 4 Levels at which you can join: $400 – Silver Level $800 – Gold Level $1600 – Platinum Level $3200 – Royale Level The comp plan is really pretty simple. You will earn 80% of each sale and your sponsor will earn 20%. There are no pass-ups like the more common 1-up. Like most top tier programs, you get paid directly – person to person – typically via cashier’s checks or money orders. I have to admit that I PREFER the 1-Up because I like making 100% commissions on my efforts. With DPS, you make 80% on your efforts and need to hope your team duplicates. What Are The Direct Pay System Products? The products appear to be marketing training videos put together by Tim Berger. The trainings do seem to cover some good topics like SMS Marketing, Press Release and Content Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing and more. The fact is most marketers coming into the home business industry have ZERO experience and very little if any training so products of this nature, in my opinion, offer greater value than some high priced juice or weight loss powder.

4.    How Do You Make Money? Don’t kid yourself, the money isn’t necessarily made by the program it’s THE MARKETING. Learning how to drive traffic (get enough people looking at your business opportunity every day) and how to POSITION your business and yourself as a leader are the real “secret” keys to success. Granted, the Top Tier compensation model gives you a much better chance at success but it’s still up to YOU and your Marketing to make it happen! To See How it works go to http://www.DPS20K.com   FROM BILL COLE




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