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Giving Thanks
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Giving Thanks

Phil and I are off getting stuffed today

The Turkey is cooked. The sweet potatoes with marshmallows are waiting to be warmed.The String beans are crunchy just the way Julie Child use to make them. The cranberry sauce has a touch of lemon and orange and cinnamon in it-my own secret recipe that tastes  like no other and...

Phil and I are about to get get stuffed with my own special stuffing of bread and apples andmushrooms, celery and onions blended together with my own homemade stock. It is melt in your mouth delicious.

While we are giving thanks for all the really special blessings we have been given in life,we would like to extend a really special thanks to you, our client and list member, who really make our life joyous and fun every single day.

One of our best blessing is the fact that Phil and I both love what we do and frankly taking a day off from it makes us anxious to get back on the computer but alas, family calls and every once in a while we need to stop and take a breath and if a Turkey, good wine and a loving family is the way to do that, then off we go.

One of our mail joys at Thanksgiving is having a front road inside window seat on the 10th floor of 67th st and Central Park West to watch the Macy's parade. This is a whole other meal in itself with the table adorned with bagels and nova, my own special deviled eggs and pastries and a bit of champagne before the parade starts at 9 in the morning. That's enough
to make me tipsy for the day:)

And Mike Mark, who wrote the Theme song for both ET and Sokule will be there at the piano while we all gather around to sing.

I usually shoot just one more glass of champagne before saddling up to the piano with Mike as we belt out every song we ever knew and loved together.

By the way if you have not heard the Sokule theme song, go over to Sokule and give a listen. It is on the main page http://sokule.com

Most of you have probably heard the ET (entertainment tonight) theme song that Mike Mark wrote but you may not have heard the Sokule one which I like even better:)

If you are not getting stuffed today like Phil and I are, then make sure you join our our new launch list we call Wish Full Thinking


In about 2 and half weeks, we will be launching the BIG ONE.
Watch for by getting on the Wish Full Thinking List

Here is my Thankgiving wish for you. Watch the Macys parade on TV is you cannot get to NYC, grab a child and give them a hug today. Shake the hand of a returning Vet today. Give someone who needs it some of your blessings and your food and a hand if they need it.

If you have something to be thankful for today, please share it with someone else

Jane Mark is a lover of her list members, a singer of songs, a piano and guitar player and one who give thanks every single day just to be alive.





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