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Do Yourself a Mitzvah....For Cyber Wednesday
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Do Yourself a Mitzvah....For Cyber Wednesday

Christmas and Hannukah will arrive shortly.

Do yourself a Mitzvah

A Mitzvah is a good act or deed and
you can do one for yourself today

It's Cyber Wednesday!

Double Your Auto Ping Profits-
for Cyber Wednesday

This is one fabulous deal!

Put your urls in here once


That's It
We ping them for your automatically every 3 days.
You don't do a thing.
We do it for you.

Buy one of our lifetime accounts and
we will double it.

Buy 50 urls and you get 100 today.
Buy 250 get 500 etc.

They are auto pinged for life.

All lifetime packages will
be doubled today


You pay once and that's it.
Prices start at just 135.00

Complete set it and forget it advertising

go get um

Jane Mark
Kule Ping
Sokule Inc

PS: If you cannot use all the urls, give
them away to your lists and your downlines
when they upgrade under you at your favorite
site. They will love you for it.

This is FR_EE Advertising for Life
on Auto Pilot. You can't get any better
than this.



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