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The Yoli "Break Even Bonus" breakdown.


The "Break Even Bonus" breakdown.


There are nine ways to get paid through the Yoli lucrative compensation plan.

Now, we need to recognize that the average individual hardly knows anything about how comp. plans work and that's fine. It's simply not duplicable to understand everything there is to know about a company, a product, or a comp plan before signing on the dotted line. We understand that.


So if you understand nothing else about the Yoli plan, know this:

The Break Even Bonus!


Until now, there have been far too many companies who emphasize on recruiting. Because of this, we end up with people who start their new business, stay in for a couple months, and drop out.

Well, this has to stop and this is why Yoli is launching with the "Break Even Bonus." NEVER been done before in the industry! Yoli knows that "it's less expensive and more profitable to keep a customer from leaving than to gain a new customer." You might agree.


Through our Break Even Bonus, a person can come in, recoup the cost of their monthly commitment simply by bringing on between 2-6 people who maintain their auto-ship, respectively.


Now, some companies: You may have to sponsor 20, 30 sometimes 50 people just to cover your cost. In other companies you may even have to continually bring in new recruits to be commissioned and we know this to be more on the lines of an illegal pyramid than a legitimate business.


At Yoli, we really think it's time to clean up the industry! Not only are product price points out of control but comp plans are not designed for the average Joe and Mary to make it work.

TWO to SIX people is doable for the average American.

We also feel that once a person's product is free, there is no reason to quit! Why would they?

So here is a breakdown of the "Break Even Bonus" for your review.





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