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Make The Smart choice Now Pocket Green Spendin Stuff

 Make The Smart choice Now Pocket Green Spendin Stuff

 Hello Hello!

AOP is on fire and people are making
a Smart chocie by joining it in prelaunch
and upgrading now.

It Launches Nov 9th.


You can get the set up fee waived if you
upgrade to Smart Choice today.

When you join as a Smart choice Member,
AOP does the advertising for you.

That's just fine with me.
Less Work for Mother:)

I have a team of 15899 members and we are
still in pre launch.

You can get paid from the members who
upgrade under you from here to infinity.

You get paid 60.00 from all of your personal
referrals as well as payments from the
affinity team depending on what level you
join at.

I made the Smart choice and grabbed a
Smart Choice Membership.

Right now I have 1980 sitting in my account
and the site does not launch for 4 more days

On launch date...Watch out!


You can ea;rn from everyone who joins and
upgrades under you. That is a hoot and
a holler and a pay system I can get
my head around.

It's pretty simple
You join now in pre launch
You upgrade to Smart Choice
You let AOP do the work for you.

You ea'rn big bucks from your personal
referrals and small amounts from your
infinity downline

Those small amounts can add up quickly
and you didn't have to do a thing to get

JPE has a huge team under it
That's where you want to be.


Here are the benefits of the Samrt choice

Smart Choice Membership Benefits?

•Two shares of your AOP link placed in our marketing CO-OP ($100.00 Value)
•Your link broadcasted over the course of the next 30 days to 50,000 red hot prospects.  (2,000 people will receive your broadcast daily)
•Secure your position with the AOP system prior to launch.
•The ability to start earning commissions prior to the official launch
•Be 1st in line to start benefiting from the automatic marketing that you receive with our exclusive Hit Spinner Technology starting today.
**If you purchase a Smart Choice membership today the $12.00 activation fee will be waived.**      

What's not to like?

If I were smart, I would get my tush over to
this site now and make the Samrt choice your

I would love you on the JPE team.


Jane Mark
JPE advertising
sokule, Inc

But Where Do I Advertise?

PS Once you join- where are you going to go
to advertise this site?

Well First you are going to let AOP advertise
for you in their coop.But I never rely on that
You need to take an active role in anything
you promote on the net

So Here is where you need to start

The answer is clear  Sokule.

1 click and your post about AOP goes
all over the net. It pings the weblogs. It
makes Google scream for mercy. It gets
you noticed.

How do you think I got 15899 members under
me at AOP. I posted about it and the whole
world sat up and took note.

Put your AOP link up here and let Sokule go
to work for you

PPS Next you are going to go over to Joel
Therien's site and get all the marketing tools
you need for a song. Get in tody for 1.00 trial

I am giving you a great site to promote
and two fabulous ways to promote it

The next steps are up to you.





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