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Hi  Guys..............this WOW product launches July 1st.


I have recently teamed up with a marketing Company in the States to find bright and entrepreneurial people that are looking to change their lives by working from home. 



I have over a thousand people to call before the end of the month and to be fair on you all I have decided to send the information out first and give you 

the opportunity to get on my priority calling list which will enable you to get a TOP POSITION in my Team....they will go fast and as the old saying goes

"The Early Bird Gets The Worm" or in this case THE GOLD.


WOW products with INSTANT RESULTS only appear on the market irregularly but the last time one of these products hit the Australian market was about 6 years ago and I (and my team) were positioned to take advantage. I went on and became the first Diamond Distributor in Australia with this Company and several of my

team made some great income. The Company still operates today.


Not only does this Company have a WOW product but also has a range of products that have permanent results.


If you have not seen the WOW product, watch this 2 minute video and the results will amaze.



This is the path to Automated Wealth with the release of training, strategies and tools never seen on the Internet before and a product that gives instant gratification. 

All this combined gives you the ability to make massive profits. 


This is a 15 minute Company video which gives you a short overview of the International Company that we are involved with. They are the fastest growing direct selling Company in the World.



I am experienced in building giant teams with my team of distributors and I am looking for serious people who want to earn serious money.. I have dropped a successful business and my mentor has walked away from a 5 figure monthly income to do this. 

I have been  in this wonderful industry for over 40 years. Never have I seen a presentation like this, It was mind blowing and I believe with what was announced that distributors and customers will come through in droves…..this automation  will revolutionize the  Industry. Stick around to see the magnificent bonuses you get by starting with our Teaam




Get your family to watch it with you…..IT IS THAT IMPORTANT 

There is plenty of room at the top.. 


Looking forward to speaking to you soon......SEND A RETURN EMAIL TO theperfectfranchise101@gmail.com OR CONTACT ME ON NUMBER BELOW GIVING SUITABLE TIME FOR DISCUSSION


Ray and Margherita Blee

Franchise Directors


Margherita Blee     0432522530


Skype:     Ray.Blee


Hit Me Up On Facebook:.....https://www.facebook.com/ray.blee


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