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Are You Short on Time?

Are you short on time for doing your promotion? I am sure you know that consistant promotion on a daily 

basis is the key to your success. So if you are short on time here is a good set it and forget it strategy for 

your promotions.


You simply add your link and  Ad and it gets Blasted by Email for ONE FULL YEAR as the TOP Featured 

Sponsor in our member based mailings.


This is a Phenomenal value for ONE YEAR of advertising. If your affiliate programs change, no worries, 

just change your ad and keep enjoying the traffic all year long.


Your ad is blasted >>> To 18 TOP Traffic Sites! and you can change your ad anytime during the year.


With your Affiliate Link Blaster account you get detailed data tracking 

of your traffic including source, views and clicks, and email blast dates.  


Confirmation emails are sent to when your ad is blasted out to our 18 Traffic 

Membership sites.    


The Members at our Traffic Sites, have agreed to receive email offers, 

so it's a captive audience eye-balling your ads.   


You also get a weekly summary traffic report. Remember! Your ads will be 

e-blasted for a FULL YEAR and you can change your ad any time!  


AFFILIATE LINK BLASTER is a great set it and forget strategy to add to your 

advertising portfolio.


This Traffic is great if you want signups and sales for...


*  Any Affiliate Program

*  Business Opportunities

*  List building and social connections


Get Details Here:


==> http://www.PositiveIncome.com/?rd=gr2EBT8Z



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