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Buy and Own Keywords For 1 Dollar-Just Launched
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Hi [fname]


You are not going to believe Your eyes when

you see this new site.


You can buy and own keywords for 1 Dollar


Yep! You can own the best keywords on the net

for life for just one buck.


I kid you not.


Once you own that keyword...


You attach them to the front page mailer

You attach them to the Kulebuzz Mailer


You mail goes out with your keywords and

you end up on the Front Page Everywhere.


You can also attach any website you promote 

to any keyword you own and get top postion 

on all of the seach engines.


You gotta to see it to believe it.


It is called Front Page Mail.


It is the brain child of Jane Mark and Phil Basten 

who have been developing mailers for over 18 years.


This one if different-Very Different.

There is nothing like it on the net.


Take a look see




And then get in the game


The sooner you get in and fund your account

The more keywords you can buy for 1 buck.

The more keywords you will own for life.


And the more often you will find yourself

at the top of every search at Front Page Mail

and at the top of Google in 48 to 72 hours


WARNING: This site is addictive. Once you

join you will never want to leave it-Ever!


Start Your Engines Here:




go get um



Jane Mark

Front Page Mail

JAM Marketing Inc


PS: Special Deal For Launch week


Anyone joining at the Manager Level today will 

be upgraded to Founder. 


Take the Deal.

It is one fabulous offer.


You Save 500.00 and...

You get  500.00 Buying Tokens in your account.


You are looking 1000.00 bucks in the eye

Take The Deal.


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