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Speed Flow Coop created with priority placement.

Coops are a lot of work, so before I created

this one, I wanted to test SF to see how long

it takes to get paid, when you put in for withdrawal.


Speed Flow is a 2x2, so you only need 6 to cycle.


I cycled, made $20., and put in for withdrawal.


Got paid to my bitcoin account within an hour.


Get 50% from your partners’ turnover repeatedly.


Time to put Speed Flow on the fast track and

offer priority placement for those who follow

the rules.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join Speed Flow.



2.  Deposit $20. and when funds

are in your account, click on wallet

and activate your position.


3.  Click on profile and send me

the following:


A.  Username of sponsor


B.  Your username.


C.  Tell me where you saw this ad.


Once verified, the next check will

be to see if you qualify for priority



Everybody will be guaranteed 2 paid

members, but those with priority

placement will get their 2 before all

the others.


Here is how you get priority placement:


1. Join Front Page Mail or be a member.



2.  Join Trend Trax Pro or be a member.



Send me your FPM and TTP referral links.


You will get your 2 guaranteed paid signups

before all members who are not in priority

placement status.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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