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Hello New Business Owner!


This is not just "scarcity" - It is an opportunity that

doesn't come around often. Every program will

let you be an affiliate for them. Why wouldn't they

they only pay you when they make money. One shot deal

for you. I am not knocking affiliate programs.


This is an opportunity to be more then an affiliate. Be the owner

of your business. Listen to the WEBINAR if it isn't for you

you lose nothing - except maybe a hour or so. There are no

I am going to give $50,000 in bonuses if you spend $47

deals. The bonus is in the deal itself.


Most every program is copy written to affect one of your

senses. Either greed, something for nothing, or one of the

many other attributes they attack - Check out any copy writing

course and they will explain what they are doing to me, use, and

the folks coming behind us to try and make a better life. It is not

design for every one to get that better life. But it is possible.


Every now and again something comes along - this isn't just a shiny

object - If I keep going then I will be trying to convince you and I do not

want to do that - because you will be one of those who will jump to

the next shiny object when it comes along. And they come every day

check out JVZoo or ClickBank for new products. Take a look at the

WEBINAR and see why I shut every thing else down for now


No More Bosses For Me


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