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Sokule and Profit From Free Ads Arrested For Bigamy
Media File

Alarm Bells went Off Yesterday.
The police showed up yesterday

Hand cuffs came out

Here is what happened,

Someone reported...

Sokule and Profit From Free Ads for Bigamy.

Here's why.

Yesterday Sokule got Married to Front Page Mail and...
Profit From Free Ads Also got Married to Front Page Mail.

The police cried Bigomy!

But my dog Cuddles explained to them in a very polite way 
that Sokule and Profit From Free ads are actually not real people and...

Cuddles is so cute, that the police gave us all a get out of jail card 
Free which is why I am available  on Saturday to show you live our 
fabulous new site in action.

Join us live.

Saturday, May 19th at 12.00 Noon EDT


I promise a great bonus for all those who are on the webinar
and I promise it will be a safe zone for all who arrive.

No police will be on the scene. 
Just me and my partner, Phil Basten and my hero, Cuddles the Dog.

See You Saturday.

Come a few minutes early and say hello.

Go get Um

Jane Mark
Bigamist in Chief
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: If you are not yet a member of Front Page Mail,
join us right here so you will know what we are
talking about.



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