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Your Viral Banners is a mind blower.


Banner advertising works. 


The problem is if you belong to 10 or

more programs, every time you add a

new program, you have to take the

time to go thru all of your programs

and add the banner.


This is time consuming.


I promote thru over 150 programs, so

adding a new program to all of these

takes weeks, sometimes months.


This is for only one program.


What if I wanted to promote 10 programs

thru all 150.  Assigning credits to all of

them and not knowing which banners work.


Not happening.


Your Viral Banners solves this problem.



Free members can add up to 10 banners.


Premium members can add unlimited banners.


Your Viral Banners works like a self-optimizing

banner rotator.

You load all your banners into the system and then

use the Your Viral Banner rotator code on all the

sites where you can display banners.


Every time one of your banners is displayed, they

pick one from your list at random.

They track where it was shown and whether it

was clicked on.

They report back to you which banners are getting

the best conversions across all the sites you display

banners on.

It will automatically remove the banners from rotation

that aren't getting clicked, making sure that your

banner impressions are getting you signups and sales.

Best of all, you control all your banner campaigns from

one place.


Here is a simple strategy that you can follow:


1.  Join Your Viral Banners or be a member.



2.  Click on the link that says Your Banners and add

new banners.


3.  You will be able to see which banners are active

by clicking on the Active Banners link and if they are

getting clicks.


4.  Click on Your Banner urls link.


Banner Image url is the tracker for each individual

banner you have added.


Link Website url if where prospect gets sent to

when they click on your banner.


Use these trackers in traffic exchanges, etc. where

you are allowed to add banner rotators.


Assign ad credits.


Video on getting started with banners at YVB.



One site that is my favorite, because your ads

get seen, is Trend Trax Pro.



Another site that is my favorite, is Front Page




You get 100,000 ad credits if you join FPM

from the above link.  Promote YVB link at FPM.


I tried to buy the keyword Your Viral Banners

but someone had already bought it, so I bought

Viral Banners keyword for $1.00.


Another favorite is Ad Exchange Club.



The guaranteed signups feature is a must have

if you take the OTO.


Upgrade conversions are running at 33%.  Unheard

of in this industry.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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