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Use Front Page Mail as your first stop for new promotions.


Front Page Mail is still in its infancy but membership

continues to grow, so there is an audience for your ads.


I am a Founder but I surf FPM almost daily, to

build up ad credits for my various promotions.


More and more people are using FPM to do

searches for all kinds of things.


You should own keywords and link email ads

to those keywords.  As members surf for credits,

your ads will pop up more and more.


If you join FPM from this link, you will get

100,000 ad credits.  This will get you off

to a good start.



Watch the training videos on how to buy

keywords and link them to your ads.


There are many promotions I see that are of

interest, as I surf.  Sometimes I stop and explore

and at other times, I pass on that ad but keep

it in mind for future exploration.


As you build your business, you will discover

keywords that you want to own.


Grab them before someone else does and

link an email ad to that keyword, so it starts

rotating throughout the FPM site.  It might

even get picked up by the search engines.


Most keywords cost $1.00, so you should

always have tokens in your account, to buy

a keyword that tickles your fancy.



If you upgrade to apprentice, the cost is

$20. per month and you get 20 tokens that

you can use to buy keywords.


Once addicted, you may start depositing

additional funds to buy more keywords.


Even if you don’t upgrade, you may get

the keyword bug.  If your downline deposits

funds to buy keywords, you get a commission.


On a side note, banner advertising has been

turned on its head by Your Viral Banners.



Check it out and you will see what I mean.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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