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PIF for Unique Advertising 4 Sure is working.


Members are getting free positions by having

their positions paid for.


There are 2 benefits to this pif offer:


1.  PIF – pay it forward


This means a position in the matrix is

paid for you.


2.  Unique Advertising 4 Sure Coop.


My UA4S Coop promotes for you, when

your turn comes up and guarantees 2

paid signups.


Your link is given out to prospects to

join under.


Here’s the deal:


Unique Advertising 4 Sure is a 3x5 matrix,

using a follow your sponsor format.


In other words, you make money by recruiting



This is where my Coop comes in:


A.  I recruit for you to get you 2 paid signups.


This is in two parts:


Part 1.


1.  Join Ad Exchange Club or be a member.



2.  Send me your AEC referral link.


3.  Once verified, Part 2 will contain

simple instructions as to how you can

get into the coop and also get a PIF.


4.  Tell me where you saw this ad.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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