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PIF Window is open at Refer 2 Friends.


This is one of the best programs I have

ever seen and is run by a top admin, so

no worries about getting paid on time.


1.  R2F is completely automated.


2.  Everyone starts in the 2x1 Team

forced feeder matrix.


3.  All Members earn $1. for each referral

feeder purchase, even Free members.


Here’s the deal:


A.  Join Refer 2 Friends from this link.



If you are already a member of R2F, you can

have multiple accounts, so just create another

account, using different username and email



B.  Join Ad Exchange Club or be a member.



Send me your AEC referral link.


Tell me where you saw this ad.


C.  You will be put on the wait list for a $4.

pif to upgrade you to pro and get a position

in the feeder matrix, as funds become available.


If you decide to upgrade yourself, you will

still be on the wait list to get another position

in the feeder matrix.


D.  There is a pif option and a rotator option

open for pro members.


If you decide to pif someone, you can.  


When you cycle the feeder position (only

requires 2), you earn another $3. and get

a position in the main matrix.


If you decide to let admin recruit for you, 

to help you get your 2, there is a rotator

page open only for pro members.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight








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