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The BIG Event Happens Monday-Get In Ahead of It Now
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I am huddled with my programmers now as we speak.


We are about to unleash an explosion

at our new site, Front Page Mail.


Even our early joiners have no clue what

is about to envelope them at Front Page Mail.


It is a Big Event.


Timing is important.


You can join us now before the site explodes.

Whatever you do do not site on your Thumbs.


I am giving you fair warning.


Next week FPM will explode

An Event will Happen.

It will add over 200,000 members overnight .

and then to many more over the coming weeks.


If you want access to all of them, you need to move now.

You need to sign up and upgrade your account now.


Choose one of the 4 membership levels.

Prices start at just 20 bucks.


Timing is Important.


Our programmers are working all this week on

a brand new feature that is going to knock your socks off.


It is the early birds that will be able to take immediate

advantage of the explosion that is coming.



FPM is drop dead easy to use

Totally Automated

No experience needed


It has 2 one of a kind mailers.


You have never used mailers like these before.


They are designed to get you on page one all over the net.


You can earn up to 523.95 per sale.


On Monday The Big Event Happens

Front Page Mail will explode.


Do not you sit on your thumbs on this one

You are going to kick yourself if you do.


I am giving you fair warning.


Don't sit back and watch it happen without you.

Be part of of the action now.


Join and upgrade your account today




You will be in the cat bird seat when our

new feature launches early next week.


An Explosion is coming.

Ride the wave Now.



Go get um



Jane Mark

Front Page Mail


PS: Sign up under my link today and I will put

100,000 Free advertising credits into your account.

(Value $500.00)




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