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How to get a position in the Private Matrix at Refer 2 Friends.


There are lots of ways to earn money at R2F,

but I will focus on a newly added feature,

called PIF Help.


It is designed to help Free Members get

upgraded to Pro, with a position in the

Feeder Matrix and for you to get a position

in the Private Matrix.


Some features of the Private Matrix:


A.  It’s a 2x3, so it cycles fast.


B.  Cost is a one time $6.00


C.  You can earn up to $172.


Get 10 positions and earn up to $1720.


D.  Once payment is verified, you will get

a link to the private matrix spreadsheet.


This is confidential information so don’t

share it with anybody.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join Refer 2 Friends or be a member.



2.  Click on Pif Help link on the left and

follow the instructions.


If you are using the coinpayments/paypal

option, I suggest you enter the following

information in the optional box:


Pif Help for random member from your username.


This may not be necessary, but it is just insurance

so you get credited with the pif.


Admin will pick a random Free Member to upgrade

to Pro.  If you want to pif a specific person, use the

Pif link on the left.


Every time a position is purchased, it helps everybody

to advance.


If you would like to get a PIF upgrade to Pro, just

click on this link and follow instructions.



Opens in new window.


If you would like to join my latest Coop, called

Pro Traffic Site Coop, where I promote for you,

to get you 2 signups, click on this link and follow




Opens in new window.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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