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PIF Window is open at Only One Buck.


Only One Buck has a small entry fee but

can generate big bucks as you cycle thru

Levels 1 – 4.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join My Viral List Builder or be a member.



You will be joining under a member of the Coop.


You can read about all the benefits of MVLB in

the members area.


2.  Use the following promo code:




You will get:


5 Solos

5 Banners

5 Text ads

3 Full Page Ads


3.  Send me your MVLB referral link and

the name of your MVLB sponsor.


4.  Join Only One Buck or be a member.



You will be joining under a Coop Member.


Be sure to fill out your payment information

so people know how to pay you.


2. Send me the following login information

for Only One Buck:


A.  Use 123456 for password, then change

it after you get upgraded.


B.  Whether you are a new member or

a current member, you will get a pif for

Level 1.


C.  If you are a current member of Only

One Buck, send me your login information

so I can pif you in for an upgrade.


This is part of my Paying It Forward and

Helping Hand philosophy.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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