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Open Up Your Marketing World-Important Message from Jane Mark
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I am so please to tell you that today 

JAM Marketing Inc did This:


We took 4 of our most popular sites and married

them to our newest site,called Front Page Mail.


In doing that we open up your marketing reach

so wide that it is going to make you dizzy.


Your marketing can now go in a whole new direction.


Here is the scoop


Front page Page now reaches other mailers

It reaches other blogs

It reaches other ad profit pages

It reaches other posting places.


You exposure just grew like a strong tree that

has thousands and thousands of branches.


Here is what happens now.


When you email from from Front page mail,

your ad goes out not only to the Front Page

mail members but it lands on four Ad Profit

pages at


Front Page Mail

Profit from Free Ads

Itsy Linx

Oodles of Traffic


These 4 pages get huge traffic daily and now

so do you when you are a member of Front Page Mail


But We Did NOT Stop There


Now when you mail from

Profit From Free Ads

Itsy Linx 

Oddles of Traffic or



You can attach your front page keywords and

that will help your promotions get on the front

page of Google and other search engines and your

emails will also get onto our 4 High Traffic

ad Profit Pages.


But We Did NOT Stop there


Now when you post on a blog at sokule or

profit from free ads, you can add your

keywords from front Page Mail to your

blog posts


At Sokwall at Sokule you can add your keywords

from Front Page Mail.


And coming soon...Kuleblaster and You Can Reach Everyone

will be added to the front page mail advertising

arsenal so that you can attach your Front Page Mail

keywords to the mailings at these sites as well

as the other 4 sites.


See I told you it would make you dizzy.


Here is what you need to do Now.


Join Front Page Mail Here today and I will put

100,000 Free Advertising Credits into your account





Next upgrade your account to the highest level

you can so you can buy up keywords and own them

for life and use them at our biggest and best



Open up your marketing to a whole New World

and start to use the power of our marketing reach.




go get um



Jane Mark

Front Page Mail

JAM Marketing Inc


PS: Watch For The Founder Offer as You sign up.


Save 200.00 on the way in.

Get $500.00 back in your account for buying tokens

You can buy 500 keywords with that gift


Get $500.00 worth of free Ad Credits.


Use 2 contact mailers every 2 days

Earn up to 523.95 per sale


There is nothing like Front Page Mail on the net

anywhere. Make sure you are using it daily.



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