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Super Matrix is now a permanent fixture at Refer 2 Friends. Contest.


Number of contestants:  3

Need 15 for first random drawing.


If you want to know what the benefits are,

just click on Super Matrix Plan at top of page

on Refer 2 Friends.


Contest winner will get a PIF into Super Matrix

Feeder.  Click on Ad Exposure Feeder page, in 

members area of Refer 2 Friends, for details.


Part of my Helping Hand philosophy.


For every 15 people, there will be a random

drawing for a $7.50 pif into the Super Matrix



Here’s the deal:


Each contestant will get a Free position in

the $1.50 feeder 3x1.


When you cycle the 3x1, you will get upgraded 

to the $4.00 2x1 feeder level at Refer 2 Friends.


You get 1500 ad credits for the $1.50 position.


Please provide the following information:


A.  Banner url (486 or 125).


Specify which size.


B.  Website url.


C.  Refer 2 Friends username.


If not a member of R2F, join from

this link.



Send me your login information.


Use 123456 for password.  Change after

you get your $1.50 position.


D.  Email address.


E.  Password for tracking ad stats.


Once ad is placed, you will receive information

on link and tracking information.


F.  If you are a member of R2F and in my

downline chain, send me the information

from A – E, above.


Click on stats and you will see name of sponsor.


G.  If you are a member of R2F and not in my

downline chain, you will have to create another

R2F account, using different username and email




Send me your login information.


Use 123456 for password.  Change after

you get your $1.50 position.


Send all details from A – E, above.


If you don’t want the advertising, just send

login information.


H.  You have to join Ad Exchange Elite

or be a member.



Send me your AEE referral link.


Once verified, all information will be sent in

to get you a position in the $1.50 feeder 3x1

and be entered into the contest.


Number of contestants will be on this site,

as well as the winner.


I.  When first contest has been completed,

the next contest will start.


If you were entered in the first contest, all you

have to do to enter the next contest is to send

me your R2F username. 


I will keep track of members in all contests.


There may be a drawing for second contest when we

have 15 members, as long as there are 5 new members

that were not in any previous contests.


Winners will not be eligible to win a second time.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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