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Two PIF's are better than one.

This offer is time sensitive  and i can cancel it any time. Read it carefully and take it asap.  


The two Pif's center on Refer 2 Friends.


A. Pif into 2x1 Feeder.


When you cycle, you get a position in the main matrix, where earnings grow on auto-pilot.


B. Pif into 3x1 Feeder.


When you cycle, you get a position in the 2x1 Feeder, above.


Here's the deal:

1. Join Refer 2 Friends.


You must be at my downline. 


Send me your login information.  Use 123456 for password.  Change it after you get upgraded.


If you are a current member of R2f, you must create another account, using different username and email address.


Multiple accounts are allowed:


2.  Join Ad Exchange Elite under me. 



AEE has a revenue share component that actually works. Check it out if interested when you join.


Use the following promo codes for AEE:


Welcome - get some ad credits.


If you decide to upgrade, use the following promo code:




Get 20000 credits plus 5 x banners with 5k views each 

and 5 x full page ads with 1k views each.  


You will be upgraded at R2F within 24 hours. 


Admins are in Australia, so be patient.


Any questions, drop me a line'.


Daniela Germanova

email: magicasolutions@gmail.com 



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