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Ad Exchange Empire added to strategy page.

Ad Exchange Elite uses 30% of revenues

to determine daily dividend, so there

is transparency.


At least you can see where the revenue

is coming from, that is shared with all

who own shares.


You have to determine which rev share

is best for your budget but for those

who can afford the Mega Blaster, this

is the best deal of all.


Rather than outline what each rev share

does, just click on purchase rev shares

link at Ad Exchange Elite and decide for



Link to Ad Exchange Elite.



Link to Ad Exchange Empire.



The BIG deal with Ad Exchange Empire is that

30% of revenue generated by this site go back

into the Ad Exchange Elite rev share, to boost

the revenue share.


Remember:  daily dividends are added to each

person’s rev share and paid out when certain

levels are reached.


This is powerful because now there are 2 sites

generating revenue for Ad Exchange Elite’s rev



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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