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You don’t like to recruit.  I get it.  Most people don’t.


Now you can build a serious income without recruiting a single person.


Ad Exchange Elite is one of the most popular sites in Dawud’s chain, primarily because it has a revenue share option that works. 

Here’s the deal for Baby Bapper shares:


1.  Join Ad Exchange Elite or be a member.  

http://www.adexchangeelite.com/index.php?r=magica ;


2.  As a Free Member, you can buy Baby Bapper rev shares.


A.  Click on purchase shares link and follow the simple instructions.


B.  Cost is $3.70.  


C.  You get an email every day with your daily dividend.


D.  When your $3.70 reaches $10., your Baby Bapper expires and you will get a

$10. Thwapper.


My estimate is that it will take 36 – 40 days to reach $10., give or take a few days.


E.  Your Thwapper matures at $15.


My estimate is that it will take another 20 days for Thwapper to reach $15.


At that point, you will get an automatic payout.


F.  All told:  it will take approximately 2 months for your $3.70 to reach $15.


Here is what you should do during that 2 month interval:


1.  Upgrade to Pro so you can buy another Thwapper for $10., leaving you $5. pure profit.


Free Members can buy Baby Bapper shares but only Pro members or higher can buy Thwapper shares.


There are all kinds of strategies you can use.


The above is just one of them.


Here are a few promo codes you can use at Ad Exchange Elite.


Promo code:  welcome




You will get 10k credits, 2 solo ads and 1 lifetime banner ad.


If you upgrade, use EliteTiger1


You will get 20000 credits plus 5 x banners with 5k views each and 5 x full page ads with 1k views each.


There is another promo code in your Paid Members Bonus area of the website.


My long term goal is to get 100 Thwappers.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Daniela Germanova

e-mail: magicasolutions@gmail.com 


P.S.  A few other programs that are winners.


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2.  Fill Your Wallet.



3. 3 Plus 3.





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